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Your GP's Procurement Partner

HealthVue is YOUR procurement partner. We specialise in the procurement of bulk items such as Hi-Lo beds, vaccine fridges, audio booths and much more.

We can quickly provide your General Practice with a variety of bulk items whilst saving you money through government grants and incentive programs.

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Procurement Benefits

Improved Spend Visibility and Lower Costs

We structure your spend across suppliers, and allow everything to be tracked in a central location.

Global Procurement

Giving you a wider variety of products, services, and suppliers to choose from.

Better Operational Performance

Allows for many internal processes to be automated, including supplier evaluation and purchase order tracking

Standardised Workflow

Produces a system that standardises workflows and reduces the need to deviate from the process, creating more process efficiency.

Simplified Processes

Allows for electronic document storage, which simplifies a number of processes.

Improved Data Accuracy

Data processes are streamlined when handled electronically, thereby reducing the chance of error.

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